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Katie Smith

Mind leads, body follows

Personal Trainer
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Meet Katie Smith, owner of Katie's Sweat Shop.

Not just a personal trainer, Katie holds a Master of Exercise Physiology, Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences. She is also a Certified Menopause Fitness Specialist, Certified Obesity Fitness Specialist

While growing up here in Mooresville, Katie has always been active in sports and group exercise. Following the diagnoses of several chronic illnesses and pregnancy-related weight gain, she returned to school in order to pursue a career in a field she has always been passionate about. She knew this decision would not only benefit her but would also allow her to help others who found themselves along the same path. 

Coming from a corporate job, having a family, and caring for an aging parent she is able to relate to most circumstances that life can throw out. She understands how to plan and prepare for each day, making exercise a priority even when it seems impossible. Katie is a firm believer that mind leads, body follows. Meaning if you set your mind to doing something, believe that you can, and work hard then you will be successful. It is all about attitude and choosing whether to accept or fight against the hand you're dealt. Katie understands personally how choosing to live a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise is the key to preventing and/or reversing many chronic illnesses. 

About us

Education & Qualifications

Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology from Eastern Michigan University. 

Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Sciences from Kaplan University.

Personal Training Certification through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Certified Menopause Fitness Specialist through
MedFit Network

Certified Obesity Fitness Specialist through MedFit Network

*FSA and HSA insurance coverages may be applied to cover personal training sessions. Contact Katie for more information.

I want to inspire people.

I want someone to look at me and say

"Because of you, I didn't give up."

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