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Personal Training

Personal Training

Do you need motivation and encouragement to workout? Want to create a workout plan but not sure where to start? Intimidated about going to the gym? Do you need someone to push you beyond your current fitness level? If you answered yes to any of these questions then personal training with Katie's Sweat Shop is just what you need. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Personal training client

With personal training, each client receives private, one-to-one support and guidance in creating goals that are ideal and attainable. Personal trainers hold their clients accountable for putting in the time and effort, motivate them to work hard, and push them to become stronger and healthier. Personal training teaches clients new habits that are healthy, easy to sustain, and last a lifetime. if you don't like working out alone and need someone to motivate and encourage you or you find the gym intimidating and have no idea what exercises to do or how to do them effectively, then personal training sessions are the way to go


Personal training sessions feature a different workout each time that is customized to each client's own personal goals and fitness levels. At Katie's Sweat Shop each session features a variety of exercises consisting of a warm-up, main workout including strength and/or cardio moves and core work, and finish with stretching. In order to increase motivation and prevent boredom, no two sessions are exactly alike, no pre-set  "leg day" or "arm day" workouts here. If you want to boost your metabolism, have more energy, sleep better, lose weight, prevent or reverse chronic illnesses then contact us today.

Strong Woman
           MUSCLE TONE


Personal training sessions can be customized to focus on building muscle to reduce flab and increase muscle tone. Building muscle helps reduce fat which can lead to reduced body mass, loss of inches, and reduced dress sizes. Increased muscle mass can also lead to more energy, reduced pain due to less weight and pressure on the skeletal system, and heart benefits. Increasing muscle mass should be the focus during and after menopause in order to off set the natural loss of muscle during the aging process. 

weight loss
                WEIGHT MANAGEMENT


The word DIET has negative vibes associated with it. It instantly leads to thoughts of giving up all your favorite foods and snacks, drinking water instead of tea or soft drinks, counting calories, and exercising every day. Maybe it brings up memories of previous weight loss attempts that started off great but then ultimately ended in reverting back to old habits, gaining back the weight lost along with a few extra pounds. Katie's Sweat Shop offers Nutritional Counseling Services to clients to learn healthy weight management habits that not only promote weight loss and reduction of inches; but can also be maintained for a lifetime. No supplements, pills,  special foods, or shakes to purchase. 

             SESSION OPTIONS

Katie's Sweat Shop offers private one-to-one, personal training sessions in either half-hour or 1-hour timeframes.  All sessions are performed at Katie's Sweat Shop located at 156 A N. Broad St., in Mooresville, NC. Contact Katie today for pricing and package options.

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