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Michelle Stissel

Yoga is such a wonderful expression of mind, body and breath movement.

Personal Trainer
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Yoga Instructor

Meet Michelle Stissel, yoga instructor at Katie's Sweatshop. Growing up with music and dance her whole life, she was excited to discover yoga just after college as another expression of movement. 


It wasn’t until years later though that she began a consistent practice and discovered there was so much ”more” to the practice. She believes everyone can practice yoga.  She enrolled and graduated from the 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Om Factory in May 2019. 


She loves to teach and practice vinyasa style yoga in a way to feel strength and length throughout the body. Power to stretch and restore helps to remind students that every time you step on your mat you will move and feel differently.  No competition, if you are alive you can practice yoga. She is so excited to share and grow as an instructor and help students find the beauty in their individual practice as well as their own body each time they show up on their mat. 

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