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Katie's Sweat Shop specializes in Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Wellness and is located in downtown Mooresville at 156-A N. Broad St. 

Katie's Sweat Shop offers customized training sessions in a convenient friendly space with no gym membership required. Choose 30- or 60-minute training sessions at times that work best for you. Each session is tailored to your goals and fitness level. Contact us today for a free consultation. We also offer small group classes such as strength & toning, cardio & core, yoga, and Zumba Dance. 

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight or optimize your fitness level and become a stronger, healthier person or athlete. Katie's Sweat Shop offers Nutrition Counseling services to help you learn how to fuel your body for maximum results and performance. 

Please visit the individual service pages in order to learn more about how Katie's Sweat Shop can help you become a healthier, stronger version of yourself.