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Shannon Brewer

I see the immense value in yoga practice not only physically, but mentally and I want to share it with others

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Yoga Instructor

Meet Shannon Brewer, yoga instructor at Katie's Sweatshop. Shannon discovered yoga while on a work trip back in 2010. She had been a college swimmer, triathlete and marathoner but had never thought much of yoga. That was one of the hardest classes she had ever taken, but she was amazed at how awesome she felt afterwards.

When a yoga studio opened up near her home in 2012, she joined and started her journey. She has always been an athlete and knew what it meant to work hard, but had neglected the stretching and stillness that is a central part of yoga practice. This was evident as she could not do many poses without modifications due to tight muscles. Nevertheless she persisted and her practice has grown, strengthened and lengthened along with her body.


Shannon sought out teacher training because she saw the immense value in the practice not only physically, but mentally and wanted to share it with others. In May of 2019,  she received her RYT 200 and has been teaching in studios, businesses and has worked with high school athletes.